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Few years ago, when I started to think of creating my own website, I had no idea of what I should put there. As the days came by things became clear. I decided to create web page which would reflect and express my feelings, opinions on transgeder themes, surrounding etc. My first idea was to create site with content, that may help others to realize, they are not alone. This world is full of people having similar problems, but having fear to discuse it. Now I have started the site, but text content is inteded mainly for czech readers and not visitors from abroad. So I started to think how to tell about me to people who don’t understand czech. It is not within my powers right now to create multilingual site and maintain content in more than czech language, so I have decided to put down a short info in English. Don’t worry you don’t miss anything. Some of my articles may be based on themes about transvestitism found on english sites, and articles you can find over whole network and I expect you allready know where. So I hope, at last with my pictures, will give you some inspiration.

About me

I was born in eighties somewhere in czech highland. My childhood was spent in a small city and I still can remember, how strange was it for me to grow up between other peers. Things started as usualy when tween other kids. I felt big atraction to boots of my mom, as well as to her wardrobe. When I was getting older some urges to do so became weaker and I just taught that all these things are past. But as I can see today it has been just a beginig of things I have no idea about. I have been disapointed for a long time with my sexuality a sexual orientation. Most of this chaos can be asigned to gendre rules we should follow as a member of our physical gendre. In quite late age, as 23 yeard old, a woman walked into my life and then I started to realize my difference again. Bigger urges than in my puberty started. From previous searches on internet I allready knew, that there is no cure for my feeling and that there is no cure for my feelings and I shoult try trust to my girlfriend. So I did, while still didn’t know about how far can things get. During relationship with that girlt became some urges so strong, that we visited sexuologist, who made me sure, that it is not only dream and I will never loose this feelings. He also told us, if she doesn’t accept me both ,as a man and a woman, then break the relationship.

And then?

I did my best to be good partner, but I haven’t been able, to be only man, and satisfy my urges just separately, without succes.  Sometimes I felt like an small girl just growing up. Discovering what is and what is not possible, colleting experiences and trying to find out my way to be balanced person.

And future? Who knows all things that can happen in future? Bring them to me!!!

Some basic facts

Height: about 180 cm

Weight: +- 75 kg

Sexual orientation: lesbian ?!!!

Interests/likes: Make up, shopping, visage, clubbing

Hates/dislikes: Selfishnes, human ignorance, gender rules, soccer

Want to write me?

I will be happy if you leave me a message by any means (contacts or guestbook). All messages are welcome except offending, spam etc.

Keep such messages for yourself!!!!

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